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Real food for real life


I think that eating healthier can be easier. And simpler. Less of a nagging task at the bottom of your to-do list, and more of something that you’re pumped you get to do every day. Even when you have a job. Even if you’re already busy, and your fridge space is limited.

Healthy eating is for everyone, not just for nutritionists, or chefs, or people with an excess of disposable income. So let’s do this thang!

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Why Real Food?

Because eating real food makes it simple to be healthy. And focusing on real food means you can ignore what Instagram ads and the diet industry are telling you, and focus instead on eating food made with healthy, whole ingredients, while knowing you’re taking good care of yourself. Without all the confusion.

Sound good? Keep reading to learn more.


Get the recipes

Want to see how you can apply this to the food you’re making for yourself, like, right now, tonight, on your table? Click here for healthy, simple recipes that will taste good, won’t take you forever to make, and will make you feel chock full of energy and ready to take on the world (or you know, just like you know you’re being healthy and taking care of yourself. That’s cool too).


my mission

I’m here to give you all the tools you need to make eating real food and living a healthy life doable, simple, and fun.


Okay, okay I get it! so how can I Get started?

Want to try this out? I’ve got you covered. You can download my Meal Planning Starter Sheet to get my top 8 meal planning tips, advice on how to structure your weeks and which recipes to use for healthy meal prepping, and the actual worksheets that I use every single week to plan out my meals.

If you want to dive a little deeper into specific recipes and test out my meal planning strategies for yourself, you can also download my Sample Meal Plan, which includes everything you need (recipes, grocery lists, and step-by-step instructions) to make a week of healthy, real-food meals.