Introducing the "Favorites" page


Look guys, whether you know me in person, or just stumbled onto my page online, there’s one thing you should know about me. And that’s that I am all about full disclosure, and 100% bluntness, pretty much all the time. It’s how I am with my friends, in relationships, and in business, too. I won’t send you out into the world in a shirt that makes you look bad, and I won’t try and tell you I’m an expert food blogger either.

So something you should know is that sharing all of this food stuff is pretty new to me. I’ve never done it before, and something I realized a little while into all of my painstaking planning and preparing, something I hadn’t quite considered, was the fact that I DON’T CURRENTLY WRITE MY OWN RECIPES.

I mostly use other people’s recipes. And I’ve gotten extremely comfortable with some of them, to the point where I never even glance at the original recipe while I’m making them any more. But I still got them from someone else. And I do have a few tried and true favorites that I sort of frankenstein-ed together myself, and those I’ll definitely be sharing.

But yeah, for the most part, I’m just a normal person cooking recipes that other people wrote, sometimes following them exactly, and sometimes making tweaks so that they’ll work better for me. Which is totally fine. That’s what about 98% of people do, if they cook at all. But to be a food blogger, you have to share original content, or at least give credit where credit is due, and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable selling products that contain recipes straight up taken from other people.

So, while I figure that out, and work on developing my own cooking and recipe style, and making tweaks to my favorite recipes and re-writing the instructions exactly the way that I make them, with all my best tips and tricks, all my content is going to be free.

And I’m not going to share anything that’s directly from a cookbook or subscription service that I paid for, because that’s just not cool. I’d love to share the recipes for every single thing I make with you guys, but unfortunately, that’s not in the cards yet for me yet, and I hope you all get that! I’m probably being overly cautious, but I want to feel 100% confident about everything I share on here, and this is how I think it makes sense for me to do it.

But my goal here is to help people eat better, and to simplify healthy eating and meal planning, not to somehow make tons of money copying other people’s recipes (spoiler alert: I doubt that would happen anyways). So just because I’m figuring that out, doesn’t mean that you guys can’t peruse the recipes that I love and make all the time, right now! Because most of them came from fellow food bloggers who generously shared their recipes for free online.

So allow me to introduce my “Favorites” page, where I’m linking all of my very favorite recipes. I’ll make sure to update the page as I find new recipes I love!

I’m also going to include some links and information on that page about my favorite cookbooks and paid sources of recipes, so feel free to check those out as well if you’re ready to make the plunge and invest $30-$40 in awesome recipes.

And know that every single thing I’m recommending on this page is a recipe I have made, or a cookbook or service that I have used personally on my own and genuinely liked. This is the short list of all the good stuff I reference back to all the time, not a long list of mostly okay stuff.

So, without further ado: