You’ll notice that this isn’t a huge list, which is intentional. I’m only including the recipes that are in my heavy rotation here - ones that I come back to week after week because they’re just the right combo of healthy, easy, and good. And you may also notice that a lot of them come from Simply Real Health and Real Food Whole Life, because both of them get that balance right in a lot in their recipes.

So understand that this is a short-but-sweet list of my heavy hitters, not a much longer list of mostly-okay stuff. Enjoy!


Green smoothies

  • Everyday Green Smoothie: The easiest green smoothie recipe I’ve tried, which is totally beginner-friendly and can be easily adapted by adding different types of frozen fruit depending on your preferences

Lunch and dinner

  • The Best Chickpea Salad Ever: Try adding chopped peaches and fresh mozzarella in the summer, or swapping in apples and celery for the tomatoes and cucumber in the winter.

Desserts, drinks and treats

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Cookbooks and resources for recipes  

The Simply Real Health Cookbook

I love this cookbook so much. Sarah’s recipes are what got me into cooking originally, and they’re a great combination of easy, healthy, and simple. (Get the hardcover version, not the kindle version, though.)

My favorite recipes from the book:

  • PB-Date green smoothie

  • Cherry green smoothie

  • Cinnamon green smoothie (especially for fall and winter)

  • Apple-Cinnamon morning quinoa

  • Photoshoot salad

  • Italian tuna salad

  • Spiced black bean and sweet potato salad

  • Mint and white bean salad

  • Cashew pesto kale salad

  • Roasted nutmeg delicata squash

  • Roasted spiced cauliflower

The New York Times Cooking Section

There are so many good recipes available on the NY times cooking section. And it’s like, $40 a year. Totally worth it if you like to do your own research and have fun finding new recipes for yourself.

Some favorites I’ve made so far: